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  • Welcome to Simmons Middle School

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    Dear Simmons Families,

    It is hard to believe that half of the 2016-2017 school year is now behind us.  We are so pleased that our students have grown as learners and individuals.  We are looking forward to a great second half of the school year which promises to be filled with fun and educational activities and events.

    This spring our students will again participate in PARCC testing.  The window for these tests in April 10th-April 28th.   These standardized tests help us to monitor both individual and group progress.  While it is difficult to “study” for these tests, we introduce academic vocabulary, such as The 12 Powerful Words to our students.  These are words that appear most frequently on standardized tests and often can cause students difficulty if they do not understand the meaning.  We are sharing this list with you below and encourage you to post the list in your home and talk with your children about the meaning of these words.

    Yours for Children,

    Mrs. Flood, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Summers


    The 12 Powerful Words by Larry Bell

    trace: list in steps

    analyze: break apart

    infer: read between the lines

    evaluate: judge

    formulate: create

    describe: tell all about

    support: back up with details

    explain: tell how

    summarize: give me the short version

    compare: all the ways they are alike

    contrast: all the ways they are different

    predict: what will happen next


    Please Note:  Simmons Middle School Times for the 2016-2017 School Year

    are 8:15am -2:45pm.


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