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    Dear Simmons Families,

    We would like to remind everyone that our students will be taking the PARCC tests after we return from Spring Break. Testing will begin on April 3rd and continue through the April 20th. These tests are an important measure of student progress and achievement. The PARCC also helps us to see how we are performing as a whole and can help guide curriculum and instructional decisions. 

    We ask for your help to prepare students for the tests by helping students to arrive on time. Encourage your child to get plenty of rest and to eat a healthy breakfast. Good attendance is very important during the test so we ask that you avoid scheduling any appointments during this time that might interfere with your child’s testing schedule. If your child is sick during testing, they will most likely make up the test on the day that they return to school as long as it is within the testing window. We are not permitted to test outside of the testing window that has
    been designated by the state. 

    We know that these tests can make students nervous. Please encourage your child to do their best. We will be doing a lot of fun activities over the next few weeks to help students to feel more comfortable about the testing and to encourage their best effort. We hope that you and your families have a fun and safe Spring Break. Spring Break begins on March 26th and students return to school on April 3rd.

    Yours for Children,

    Mrs. Flood, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Summers


    The 12 Powerful Words by Larry Bell

    trace list in steps

    analyze break apart

    infer read between the lines

    evaluate judge

    formulate create

    describe tell all about

    support back up with details

    explain tell how

    summarize give me the short version

    compare all the ways they are alike

    contrast all the ways they are different

    predict what will happen next


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