• Dear Parents:

    This letter is to serve as a reminder of the drop off and pick up safety rules and procedures for Harnew families.

    • Students will be admitted into the building at 8:40am when it is raining or the temperature is below 25 degrees.
    • Kindergarten through 5th grades are not allowed to line up before 8:35am for arrival and 3:10pm for dismissal. Preschool will be arriving and dismissing before these times. If you arrive early please park in the parking areas of the lot.
    • Please be careful when entering or leaving the lots. Students may be crossing at the entrances and exits. Cross at the cross walks and hold your child’s hand.
    • Remain calm. Everyone is trying to get their child to and from school safely.
    • Do Not let your child out/in on the YELLOW curbs. The Blue curbs are for drop off and pick up. Please pull to the end of the blue line. The object is to fill the blue line so many cars can drop off and pick up at the same time.
    • If you exit your vehicle you must be parked in a parking spot. All cars on the blue or yellow curbs must be occupied by a driver.
    • If dropping off or picking up on Meade Avenue, the Harnew side of Meade is a 15-minute loading zone. The west side of Meade Avenue is No Parking at all times. All students are encouraged to cross at the crossing guards.

    These rules have been developed over many years and are in place for your child’s safety.  The teachers and assistants at Harnew are following the guidelines set for them by the Ridgeland School District 122 Administration.  

    Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Anthony Gill, Harnew Principal