Welcome back to the 2020-2021 School Year! We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with your families this summer making memories. It's been quite some time since we've seen you all and I know I speak on behalf of the staff as well when I say we can't wait to begin the upcoming year.  While we all wish we were able to return to a typical in person school year, we will work very hard to make our virtual at home experience a positive one for your child.

    Since our school year took an abrupt turn last year on March 13th, there were a lot of events putting stress on our Lieb community, everything from the Covid-19 virus to social unrest within our country. As we see your students virtually, there is healing to be done. Our staff will be incorporating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their lessons with students. Each day will begin with an SEL activity at 9:00a.m. Attendance will be taken each day through the live platform, so be on time.  If your student is ill and cannot attend their live session, our procedure remains the same. Please call 708-599-1050 and report your child absent.

    Our staff has been hard at work in the past weeks receiving professional development on our updated Wonders Reading Curriculum. K-1 teachers have received training on a new program called FUNdations, allowing more work on phonics skills for our younger students.

    We have lots of exciting changes to our virtual venues. Our district has purchased new platforms to help make the experience from the homefront easier for our students. Most everything you will need this year will be accessible through the Clever platform with one sign in for our students. Students will log into their device with their emails/passwords and the Clever platform will be on the dashboard. From here, students will have a QR reader to put in front of the camera to log them into Clever and from there, students will have access to all of our resources. Since this is new for everyone, realize there are bound to be some struggles to overcome in the beginning, but once everything is working as it should, things should be much easier for our students and for parents helping at home.

    As you experience tech problems next week, please reach out by email to your child’s classroom teacher. Classroom teachers are listed in Skyward as of Thursday this week.  We will also let you know your child’s teacher as you arrive to pick up supplies.  Email is the best course of action to reach the teacher.  Realize, phone calls may not be sent to the classroom as live instruction may be occurring at the time. The quickest way to get a response is through teacher email and then we will develop a response plan from our end to help you. Please be patient with that process. I’m certain there will be many days of settling into our new normal and obstacles will occur.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

    To prepare your kids for learning each day, have them up, dressed, fed, and ready by 8:45 a.m. You will receive a wake-up call from the Principal in the opening week of school as we adjust to the schedule.  All first live classes will begin by 9am.  In order to get into that first session, you will need to login the chromebook/iPad to the email/password provided to you at device pick-up. We worked hard to do the email login for each child, but we may have missed a few. Clever should then open, and now you can show the QR code/clever badge to the camera to get you into the classroom. Your teacher’s page should display and there will be a link to the lesson plan template where you’ll find the Zoom links. The same link will be used each day for the homeroom teacher’s class.  PE, Music, and Art will have a different link and 5th graders will have different links for different subject area teachers.  Don’t worry, we’ve provided some helpful tip sheets with visuals.

    We will communicate with you by Skyward email and/or phone blasts for the most important information and through Class Dojo for the more formal and informal day to day happenings.  For those of you new to the school, to be ahead of the game, you can download the ClassDojo app on your phones and your teachers will provide you with a code to join the class in the first week of school. Returning students will be loaded into the new teacher’s classrooms. ClassDojo allows you to use your phones to receive communications from the school similar to texting and the messages can also be translated to many different languages. It is also great for highlighting class news and also school news.  Some teachers use the classroom management system within Class Dojo as well.

    If you need to reach a staff member this year, for the first weeks of school, please utilize the staff emails. We will be updating our directory on our school website for Monday. Please note the teacher work day is from 8:40-3:30p.m.  If you send an email, they are asked to respond within 24 hours unless over a weekend in which case it excludes Saturday and Sunday. 

    Our Open House will be done virtually and will be shared with you through email and your teacher Clever page in the opening weeks of school. We know it’s not the same as in person, but we hope you appreciate our efforts to still make it fun and informative.

    Please take time these next days to prepare for next week’s school beginning.  Make sure there is a space at home for your child to work each day with minimal distractions. Please read over the emailed Updated Remote Learning Handbook. Go over expectations with your student using our PBIS Remote Learning Matrix.  They will be working from home for the student day from 9-3p.m.  Not all of the time will be live instruction, but 2 ½ hours will be. Stay tuned to the teacher lesson plans for the schedule.

    So while the year may look a little different for our students, what hasn't changed is our staff's love for teaching and the excitement that happens each and every year as they welcome students back to a new school year. We truly can't wait to interact with your children again. We look forward to a new, albeit, different year at Lieb School and we welcome your children on August 31st! See you soon!


    With warm regards,


    Mrs. Rhonda Kulig