• George W. Lieb: A History

    In 1958, Lieb School opened with only 16 classrooms and was named after Mr. George W. Lieb, a former Superintendent of Ridgeland 122.

    Lieb School expanded twice in it's fifty year history.

    The original Lieb School was built on Pembroke Avenue in 1958.

    The first addition to Lieb School was built in 1966 which included a new wing along 91st Street which currently houses Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Students.

    Lieb was closed due to the Blizzard of 1967.

    During the early 1970's, the school had to place mobile units on our current playground due to Lieb's soaring population.

    In 1974, Lieb's hot dog lunch menu included: Hot Dog - $.25 and chips $.10.

    In 1975, the Learning Resource Center was built and dedicated to Mrs. Vera Lefoldt who served as Principal at that time.

    In 1976, Lieb Students and staff celebrated the United States bicentennial.

    Ned Locke (ringmaster from Bozo's Circus) Visited Lieb in 1980.

    Lieb had a special program in 1988 to celebrate the constitution's 200th Aniversary.

    During the 1990's the Lieb School Playground was completely renovated in a combined effort between the Lieb PTA and Bridgeview.

    Lieb School celebrated it's 40th Birthday in 1998. The special birthday celebration was featured on the WGN Morning News by their Traffic Reporter. Students in grades one through six held signs forming large letters and numbers that read "LIEB 40" as the WGN helicopter filmed from above.

    During the year 2000 students and staff participate in a year long celebration of the new millenium.

    June 1, 2004 was the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Lieb School.

    On October 4, 2006 a major historical event took place when the members of the Lieb School community rededicated a new educational complex.

    November 2006 Mr. George W. Lieb visits the new Lieb School complex.