Welcome to Preschool

  • Preschool registration for new families will begin the week of September 7th.  Please call your home school to request preschool registration paperwork.  If you have specific concerns for your child, please call Harnew School at  (708) 599 - 7070 and ask to be transferred to Diana Brown.


    Welcome to the District 122 Preschool for All Program.   We are delighted you have chosen us as your child’s first formal instruction to school.  Our program has classrooms at Harnew Elementary School.  It follows both the district and schools’ philosophy and goals.  Our Preschool for All program is funded through a grant by the Illinois State Board of Education.   It is an at-risk preschool program that focuses on providing high quality preschool instruction to those students determined to be at-risk for academic failure in school.  Many factors play a role in putting a student at-risk for having difficulty in school, including family, language, and academic factors.  Eligibility is determined through a preschool screening and a family interview.

    Our preschool program meets five days a week, for 2 ½ hours per day, either in the morning or in the afternoon.  It follows the District 122’s calendar, with students attending from mid-August through the beginning of June.  It is free of charge.  All of our classrooms have 20 students per room with one teacher and one assistant.  All of our teachers hold a Type 04 Early Childhood certificate, with many holding additional endorsements in special education and English Language Learning.
    Our program uses Creative Curriculum which centers on building the child’s self-confidence and social interaction skills. This curriculum emphasizes the use of learning centers, individual and small group instruction; and play-based learning revolving around monthly themes. The areas emphasized are: Social/Emotional Development, Self-Awareness, Social Studies, Language Arts/Communication Development, Gross /Fine Motor, Math/Science Development, and Academic Development.  The students are assessed using Teaching Strategies GOLD, which is aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Developmental Standards.


  • How do I register my child for the Preschool program?

  • Where is the Preschool program?

  • What are the days and times of the Preschool program?

  • How much does the Preschool program cost?

  • Does my child have to be screened?

  • I have concerns about my child’s development, how do I get my child speech therapy or special education services?

  • How old does my child need to be to start preschool?

  • How many children and adults are in each room? What are the teacher qualifications?

  • Do parents have to participate in the Preschool Program?