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2019-2020 Student Registration

Welcome back to the 19-20 school year!

Just a reminder, all students must be registered for school before our first half day of school on August 20th in order to attend. For returning families, letters were mailed to your home with information on how to log into our Skyward system. For new families, you must come to the school and prove residency and register your child. Our third day of registration will be tomorrow, August 9th from 7:30-11a.m. and 12-2:30p.m. Please stop by to get signed up in time. So far, 50% of our families are registered. Let's get that number to 100%!

New: Bring birth certificate, driver's license, two utility bills and mortgage or lease all with same addresses. Instructional fees for K-5 are $100.00 per student. Also, please remember to provide the school with an email address where we can begin to help you gain access to the new Skyward information system.

Returning: 3 scenarios:
I have my letter-
1. Use your letter received in July to complete the Skyward registration process at home
2. Come to the school with your letter and use our laptops to gain access and complete the Skyward registration

I do not have my letter-
3. Come to school and reprove residency as mentioned above for new families and let us know your email to resend the family access to finish the registration process on laptops at the school.