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Harnew's 2019 Spelling Bee



On Friday, March 22nd, Harnew hosted its annual Spelling Bee.

The morning session included two competitors from each of the first, second, and third grade classrooms for a total of 18 competitors. Mrs. Baste, Mrs. Quebbmann, and Ms. Hopkins served as the judges while Principal Gill introduced each participant to an audience filled with staff, students, and parents. After several rounds, the last student standing was third grader, Lucille S.!!


The afternoon Spelling Bee session also included two competitors from each section of the fourth and fifth grade classes for a total of sixteen anxious competitors. The judges served up some pretty challenging words for our contestants but they were able to withstand four nail-bitting rounds before the first student was eliminated. In the end, it was Ivan Z. from 5th grade who won!

Congratualtions to all of our competitors! Getting this far was a huge accomplishment.