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THANK YOU Teachers!

We at Harnew would like to thank each and every one of our staff members for all of their hard work that they do for our students.


Teaching is HARD work...

I once read a Tweet on Twitter that said, "Trying to make lesson plans for 30+ kids with different learning abilities/styles/needs, different family/cultural backgrounds and language barriers all while making sure they pass the many standardized tests." The quote was below a massive Rubric's cube.

Teaching requires patience, enthusiasm, and stamina. It is a physically and emotionaly demanding job that cannot be endured by just anyone. The job of "teacher" encompasses so much more than just teaching a child to read. We're coaches, cheerleaders, role models, mediators, nurses, social workers, psychologists, problem-solvers, artists, readers, writers, professional organizers and parents to each and every one of our students. Teaching is truly a labor of love. 

Ask ANY teacher why he or she became a teacher and I can assure you that not a single one would tell you that they did it "for the salary!" 

As a teacher myself, I can say that I've been met with my fair share of people who think that teachers have it easy. Apparently, we only work 6 hours a day and get 3 whole months off. I can guarantee everyone that ANY teacher would argue against this incorrect opinion... 

Teachers come in early, leave late, and often times, work through their lunches. They spend their free time standing in line to make copies, prepping for their students' activities, and are constantly working to create an environment that makes their students feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. Additionally, teachers are required to continue their education. We attend conferences, workshops, webinars, and trainings to ensure that we are equipped to help prepare our students with the skills needed for their future. Additionally, we attend meetings, are part of committees and constantly strive to help make our students active learners. Ironically enough, many teachers have homework on a regular basis; bringing assignments and projects home to grade nightly and, sometimes, even over the weekend. They also plan lessons that are engaging, meaningful, and adhere to State learning standards. Many times, we must modify lesson plans to ensure all of our students learn the content in their own, unique way.

Teachers inspire their students to work hard to achieve their goals, motivate them to improve their existing abilities and encourage them to perservere in times of difficulty. 

So why do we do it? Well, I think we can all agree that it's certainly NOT for fame or fortune...

We do it for a variety of reasons. Teachers teach because it's satisfying. We do it because it's important. We teach because we feel that we can make a positive and lasting impression on our students. And we do it because, even though it's so, SO hard, we really do love it. 

Teaching has it's perks, too! Our job makes us smile and laugh...A LOT! The things we see and hear...let's just say we've mastered the art of supressing uncontrollable giggles! Teaching allows us to be an intrgal part of a child's life. To many children, a teacher is a source of stability and routine. We help students realize their true potential while encouraging them to strive for excellence. We wish to instill independence and foster a life-long love of learning. And for all those reasons and more, we TEACH!!

Please take a moment to thank a teacher. Receiving verbal affirmation helps remind us why we do this really tough job! 

THANK YOU, TEACHERS! Whether you work here at Harnew or at another building, thank you for all your do for your students.