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Farewell, Fifth Graders!

As another school year rapidly comes to an inevitable end, it can be both exciting and also sad - especially for our fifth grade students. As they prepare to transition to their middle school years, they are filled with a tremendous sense of achievement and accomplishment. But, it is also bittersweet as it marks the end of an era as well as their existence as a Harnew student. And while our fifth graders have striven to get to this point, many are in disbelief that the day has finally come to leave their elementary days behind...
Being the Instructional Technology Teacher at Harnew, I have had the unique opportunity of seeing each child throughout their entire career as a Harnew student. In fact, many of our fifth grade students began their academic history with Harnew in Pre-K or Kindergarten. I've seen these kids year after year and witnessed them grow, mature, and evolve into the young adults that they are today. And as I look at these students, I wonder who will go on to protect our community as a police officer or firefighter? Which person will help develop alternate fuel sources? Will one of these students discover a cure for cancer? Is there a future president among us? Regardless of the professional path that these individuals ultimately choose, I am reminded of the following saying:
"Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are finally ready. Fly!"
We at Harnew have started a tradition for our fifth grade students...a little celebratory send-off, if you will. On the last day of school, the hallways fill with staff and students in grades Pre-K through fourth. The send-off theme song, "Roar" by Katy Perry, is played on the P.A. system as we stand along the walls to honor our unofficial processional of 5th grade students before they make their way out of Harnew's doors one last time. There's a lot of smiles, clapping, and cheering, but there are also sniffles, tears, and hugs. 
Congratulations, Fifth graders!
We wish you well on all of your future endeavors and
You can always return "home" to Harnew!