Frog and Toad

Posted by Kathy Lappin on 2/22/2016

Frog and Toad have been around for decades, but these classic stories never grow old. The two friends have very simple adventures together, but Arnold Lobel realized a highly important aspect to children's literature. It is very entertaining to have one character who is kind of naive or gullible. In the case of Frog and Toad - Toad is such a character. Toad has funny and often times down right hilarious ways of looking at situations and the world. Children love to know more than a character in the book they are reading. Frog often provides answers for all of Toad's silliness. For example, in the story, "The List," Toad decides to write a list of all of the important things he has to do for the day. Then he loses his list. He thinks he can't do anything without his list telling him what to do. Frog talks Toad into carrying on with his day. I could never adequately relay the exchange between the two friends by summarizing or paraphrasing - the beauty of Frog and Toad books is in the simple truthfulness of the conversations between the two characters. I strongly recommend reading any and all of the Frog and Toad stories. I would read these to children from birth until your child is reading fluently and independently. When you have an independent reader (around 7 or 8 years old) then I would have my child read them to me. There is no age limit on enjoying these classic stories!