Welcome to the Ridgeland School District 122 Prevention Initiative Program

About our Program

The Prevention Initiative Program (Birth to 3) is a grant funded program that strives to ensure children within our community have effective and supportive relationships with the adults in their life. We can begin to service families prenatally with
expectant mothers through children ages birth to 3 years. Our home visitors provide support to parents and their children in their homes based on the goals set with the family at no cost to the families. Additionally, families are able to meet other families at playgroups, community activities, family events, and parent education opportunities.  These exciting encounters support the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines along with the Baby Talk Curriculum.

Families must register, be screened, and found eligible to receive services from this free program. All families must live within the boundary lines of Ridgeland School District 122.  If interested or should you have any questions, please contact one of the home visitors listed.

Mission of the District:

Knowing that all children can learn, we strive each day to provide an environment that contributes to positive attitudes and personal success for learners.

We believe:

Every child can learn.

Every child is unique and deserves respect.

Learning needs to be the focus of every classroom.

The environment needs to foster self-worth and a positive relationship among students, staff, parents, community, and the Board of Education.

Our community will benefit from schools with a challenging curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

Therefore, we can build an educational foundation to serve children not only in further educational services but in life as well.

Program Includes:

Home Visits


Family/child goal setting

Parent Education Workshops

Family connections to community resources

Child Developmental Screenings

Field trips

Coffee Talks

Family Engagement Nights

Parent Lending Library

Childhood Transitions

Parenting Support

Supporting childhood development using BabyTALK Curriculum

Prenatal Development


BabyTALK Curriculum

 Baby TALK Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that has been used to support Parent and Family Engagement for 30 years across the country. Parents are valued as their children’s first and best teachers and the curriculum’s approach is to come alongside families and build upon and deepen connections between parent and child. The curriculum aims to establish and deepen working relationships with families and support the child’s development from the prenatal stage to age 3.

What are my obligations?
The Home visitors will create the visiting schedule around your needs. The program requires two mandatory home visits per month.  We do ask that you contact them if you need to cancel at any time.  Should you choose to leave the program for any reason we need to complete a transition form out of the program.  The program is free to our families. 

Is this like Early Intervention?
No. This program’s purpose is to try to come alongside families and help parents interact with their children in a way that assists that child’s development. If an assessment shows a need for Early Intervention, the Home Visitors will refer the family to Early Intervention.

I’m pregnant. When can I contact you?
Now! The Prevention Initiative Program has a prenatal component built in as well.  Once the child is born and has reached the age of 6 months we will then rescreen for eligibility.

Rana Abdelrasoul
Prevention Initiative Home Visitor
Harnew Elementary School

Sylvia AbuManneh
Prevention Initiative Home Visitor
Harnew Elementary School

Jennifer Hodgeman
Prevention Initiative Home Visitor
Harnew Elementary School

Kathleen Montesano
Prevention Initiative Home Visitor
Harnew Elementary School

Laura Rogers
Harnew Elementary School