Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Team provides support for curriculum technology integration, professional development, online testing, and effective use of district-wide technology.   Our team’s goal is to collaboratively assist educators to design, develop, and infuse technology into daily teaching and learning.

Our mission in Ridgeland School District 122 is to implement technology that will enrich, engage, and energize the learning environment for all students.  This will advance their educational experience and provide skills and proficiencies to become college and career ready in a technological society.

District 122 equips each kindergarten through third grade classroom with a set of iPads.  Students in grades three through five will all receive a Chromebook during the school day.  Students in grades six through eight have the opportunity to take the Chromebook home with them each evening.

Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.