The Technology Department is responsible for the planning, implementation and support of Information Technology for schools and administrative offices in the District.

We use technology as a tool to facilitate student learning as well as staff and administrative functions in the workplace.

Technology is a very powerful, essential tool in the education process for both students and staff. Technology is a part of every curriculum at every level of instruction. The impact of technology in our classroom should be seamless and a part of our regular blended learning process.  As 21st century learners, our students will leverage technology to enhance collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving to help students thrive not only in their time here but in today's world.

Ashish Gandhi

Mr. Ashish Gandhi
Director of Technology Services
708-599-5550 ext 7729

Mr. Jeffrey Achter
Senior Technology Systems Specialist
708-599-5550 ext 5002

Mr. Jonathan Gutierrez
Computer Service Technician
708-599-5550 ext 6184

Mr. Jose Rosales
Computer Service Technician
708-599-5550 ext 5130

Mrs. Julie Kunik
Student Information System
& Data Specialist
708-599-5550 ext 5001