Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

This department is dedicated to supporting our staff, students, and families.

The Illinois State Board of Education designates the learning standards for all schools in the state. Our goal is to use these standards to create the most appropriate educational plan in order to meet the needs of all students.

One of our priorities is to enhance teaching and learning through the Curriculum Review and Refresh Cycle. This is a systematic process that involves the development, alignment, implementation and assessment of learning standards across all subject areas to meet the unique needs of the students within District 122.

At Ridgeland 122, our focus is on fostering achievement for every single student. We work to further the district's mission of nurturing the academic and social emotional growth of every student, providing a safe, fluid and fulfilling environment that empowers curious and independent thinkers.

Within this mission, our instructional coaches work closely with our dedicated teachers and administrators to maintain a commitment to educational excellence.

Sheri Maher

Mrs. Tracy Flood

Director of Teaching & Learning

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Mrs. Linda Wagner

Curriculum Coordinator

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Ms. Clair McNally

Instructional Coach

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Mrs. Samantha Strohmier

Instructional Coach

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Ms. Azucena Ramirez

Administrative Assistant

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