Medication will be administered to students in District 122 only under the supervision of the School Nurse, Administrator, or other health professional and only when such medication is required during school hours. If it is determined that the student must receive medication at school, medication will be administered according to procedures developed by the Board of Education. This policy applies to both prescription and non-prescription medications.

  1. The student's physician must provide written orders detailing the name of the student, the type of disease or illness involved, the name of the medication, dosage, time interval in which the medication is to be taken, the necessity for the medication during the day, the desired benefits of the medication, the side effects, and an emergency number where the physician can be reached. The order must be renewed at least annually and should state whether the medication may be safely administered by school personnel other than the School Nurse.

  2.  The student's parent or guardian must provide to the School Nurse, Administrator, or other health professional a written request authorizing the administration of prescription or non-prescription medication at school and indicating those persons who are authorized to administer the medication.