Dear Families and Staff, 
On Friday, a court ruling in Springfield resulted in a temporary restraining order enjoining the Governor from enforcing his executive orders that require masks for all students, teachers, staff and visitors, as well as requiring mandatory vaccinations or COVID-19 testing for school employees. Approximately 150 of Illinois’ 840 school districts are named in the lawsuits; District 122 was not named in the lawsuit.  
Because Ridgeland 122 was not one of the school districts named in the lawsuit, this order has no impact on the District’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. We are aware that an appeal will be swiftly filed. An Appellate Court decision will likely come quickly and will very likely provide a ruling that will have a broader and more definitive impact for public school districts.   
In the meantime, to limit disruption to our schools, the current rules regarding masking and close contact exclusion requirements will remain in place.  
Please continue to reinforce with your children the requirements to be masked in school and to follow the other mitigation measures which are all still in effect in the District.   

Joseph E. Matise