District 122 To Go Mask Recommended

Dear District 122 Community and Staff,

With the appellate court ruling on Governor Pritzker’s Executive Orders, School Board action at the February regular Board of Education meeting, and with consideration to the current low positivity rates within our community and buildings, District 122 will begin following a mask recommended Health and Safety Plan, effective Tuesday, February 22, 2022.


●        Safely reduce mitigation measures in place and allow for flexibility in response to our internal and local data

●        Remove the most restrictive mitigation measures in a safe and responsible manner and return as much normalcy to our schools as possible

●        Create a strategy that respects and provides for the needs of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or who are eligible for accommodations through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


 What are the parameters of a mask-recommended environment?

 Parents, staff, and students should understand that the shift to the mask-recommended environment is not absolute. Students and teachers who are more comfortable masking will be free to continue. Moreover, the District will monitor the positive cases within its building and may require masking in a certain school if positive cases rise.  These determinations will be made in accordance with the mitigation reduction metrics set forth below.

 Parent Responsibility:

Once we are in a mask recommended phase, it is the parent’s responsibility to have a discussion with their child and make a decision on their masking status.  Staff will not be monitoring for mask compliance when in a mask recommended phase.  Please make sure that your child understands your expectations regarding masking.  Masks will continue to be required on the bus, pursuant to federal law. 

 District Responsibility:

Bullying on the basis of whether a student masks or chooses not to mask will not be tolerated. The District will address any bullying related to mask status through the district's discipline procedures.  Students who have documented medical plans in their Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan will be provided with appropriate PPE for the remainder of the school year when in a mask recommended phase of our plan.


 1.       Vaccines are widely available for ages 5 and above; the District provides information to parents about vaccination clinics and opportunities for vaccination, but does not require vaccination.

2.       Staff and students are required to stay home when they are sick with COVID like symptoms or any other illnesses.

3.       COVID positive cases must be excluded per IDPH and CDC requirements.

4.     In-home close contacts will be excluded per IDPH and CDC requirements.

5.       Handwashing and respiratory etiquette standards remain in place.

6.       Heightened cleaning and disinfecting of facilities.

7.       Increased HVAC filtration (MERV 13).

8.       Voluntary diagnostic testing for students.

9.       Appropriate accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to individual medical needs.

10.       Physical distancing of 3 to 6 feet to the greatest extent possible.

11.   Masks required on buses pursuant to federal law.

12.   Mask’s recommended in schools while the building positivity rate is below 8%.

 Should cases rise and universal masking need to be reinstated to prevent further spread and school closure, parents will be notified.  If there is a rapid rise in cases between reporting periods, the District may institute a return to masking after one school days’ notice to families.  

 We will continue to consult with local, state, and federal health officials on Covid related matters. The district will also be mindful of any future federal, state or local governmental mandates and regulations.  There may be times where visitors to our buildings will be required to mask, those visitors will be informed prior to entering the building.

The District asks that everyone in our 122 community be respectful of the individual choices made in regards to mask wearing.

Joseph E. Matise


Ridgeland School District 122